Access to European markets

Entering the European markets is a difficult task, but it is quite feasible. 
The first thing to start with is a sales plan. Make a table in the Excel, in which countries, how much product you would like to sell within 5 years.
Of course, each product needs an individual approach, and it will be completely different. Market research, sales routes, SEO-optimization, packaging, advertising-will be completely different for the sale of paintings by the artist from Russia or the sale of honey from the apiary of the Altai territory.
The European market has its own characteristics. There IS a competition. The user CHOOSES. Selects items for its properties, characteristics, packaging, price, etc. Therefore, the first step for producers who have decided to enter the European market should be a study of their goods. 
What product will be more interesting for the buyer? What is its appeal? It should also be borne in mind that Europe is large and different and the goods that are sold well, for example, in Finland, may be absolutely not interesting to the buyer from Italy. 
Often already at this stage it turns out that it is necessary to optimize the production process - for example, changing the weight of the package, color or other characteristics.
It is necessary to calculate the path of the unit of goods from production to the final consumer. But there is no need to complicate. Often it turns out that the presence of a warehouse in Europe is not required, and the specifics of the goods can solve the problem of commodity logistics using postal services for the delivery of goods.
Important component. How will the financial flows from the buyer to you? Here it is necessary to add a lot of factors to choose the best way. And not always the shortest way is the most reliable and cheapest.

Here are the main stages for entering the European markets.  Each of these stages is specific, has many solutions and pitfalls.

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