Entering the Russian market

For foreign companies entering the market of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan is a very promising and important task.

The market of these countries is different from the European market. Besides the fact that the product itself must have the necessary competitive advantages, it must be "easy" to promote and not stumble over administrative internal barriers. 

Promotion of each product must be worked out individually. Due to the vast territory and specific legislation, Suppliers who want to enter this market, need to work out more clearly the topics of Commodity and Financial logistics. Take into account and minimize the risks. Not always the way to open a representative office in the cities of Russia - the most correct. 

In any case, the first step is to make a sales plan for several years. In the figures to answer the question:

What products and in what volumes I want to sell on the market of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan within 60 months?

We are ready to develop a strategy for your product to enter the markets of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan:

  1. Contact us and send us your desired sales plan with a description of your products.
  2. We will develop Commodity logistics. Taking into account transport logistics, customs payments, the cost of delivery of goods, we will offer the most optimal scheme of movement of goods.
  3. We will develop Financial logistics. It is not always possible to send goods on 100% prepayment. Often manufacturers are forced to ship the goods on a partial prepayment. 
  4. We work by providing a Guarantee of payment.Promotion and advertising. We take into account the specifics of the market and offer solutions that work.

Save time - based on experience, we can immediately offer the right solutions.

You know how to make Your goods the best.
We know the best way to enter the Russian market. 
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